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The company (Kink) that revolutionized the bondage scene in 2005 with Sex and Submission have come up with a new concept. The new site Training of O takes the concept of bondage video/photography to a new level. They hire a girl for 4 days and gives her bondage training for the entire 4 days. In Sex and Submission you get on 1 session of bondage and sex, but with Training of O you get 4 whole days of everything you could imagine being done to a girl (slave).

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Bobbi Starr Day 1 Initial pain assessment and dirty talk

   March 20, 2008
Bobbi Starr Day 1 Initial pain assessment and dirty talk

This is day 1 of Bobbi Starrs ordeal when training to be a slave. The first day is about the  initial pain assessment and dirty talk. An unknown woman leads gorgeous brunettes Bobbi Starr to the staging area for a four-day slave training. She is in a dark dungeon-like setting. She is wearing a schoolgirl outfit/uniform. The unknown woman leaves her alone, and as she becomes alone, she picks up an envelope and opens it. Inside she finds a set of papers which appears to be a slave contract.

While Bobbi Starr is looking at the papers, a man emerges from a door. He is wearing dark clothes. He takes a seat and greets her with "Welcome to the training program". She grins nervously as he talks to her about her expectations. They talk about the dirtiest thing she has said during sex, in other words he is getting to know her, so he can humiliate her later. He ask her about anal sex and if she ever had orgasm during anal-sex, if she can take pain?, if sheīs ever had sex with a stranger. If she was naked and tied with ropes in a helpless position, would she rather be fucked in the pussy or in the ass? The questions keep on coming.

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He asks her about the contract, about the keys she have been getting to a hotel. He asks for a key, presumably so he can get to her later. She is asked to sign the contract, still in her hand. She signs it and the training can begin. Thank you Bobbi.

The man leaves with the contract and asks Bobbi to stay seated in the chair.

Next scene: We are still in the dungeon, but Bobbi is now standing up. The man rips open her shirt and pulls out her boobs. He also finds some rope and lift up her skirt, ties rope around her waist and into her pussy (while she is still wearing underwear. Sitting on the chair, chained to it, her breast are exposed and the man finds some wooden buckets, which he then hang from the ceiling. It is obvious that the buckets are to be attached to the rope around Bobbi Starrs pussy.

Bobbi Starr, Day 1 Initial pain assessment and dirty talk.

Bobbi knows that as well, and she is getting a frightened look in her eyes. The bucket/rope are attached to the pussy rope which tightens up and pulls at her pussy. The man turns on a water hose and lets water pour into the buckets, we can see the crotch rope getting tighter and farther up Bobbi Starrs cunt.

The man then grabs her nipples and squeezes them, asking if she like them, and if they are sensitive. She answers yes, before the man put some metal clamps on the nipples. It look very painful, and she looks like she is starting to regret the whole deal. The water keeps pouring into the buckets and the rope gets tighter and tighter, while her tormenter keeps pulling the ropes and make it more and more painful for her. "Where does it hurt?" he asks her. "On my pussy", she cries and starts breathing deeper. As the buckets fills up, she becomes tormented.

"What do you want", she cries. Itīs not about what I want", he replies. "What do you want" he asks her in return. "I want you," she replies as a good little slave girl.

The rope is removed and she is unchained from the chair. Still wearing the nipple clamps she gets on her feet. She is asked to turn around, which she does. She lifts up her skirts and pulls down her pants. She is then forced to bend over where her hands are chained to her ankles. While she is standing there, butt out, pant down, stiff legs, we can see her shaven pussy.

Her tormenter, who is now wearing latex gloves, start fingering her from behind, putting more and more fingers in her exposed pussy. He then moves on to her ass, and uses a lot of fingers. After a while she is unchained and asked to walk to a huge pole. She walks over there, nipple clamps still on her exposed nipples and the pants down around her feet. The tormenter comes over and strips her totally nude, while he promises to whip her daily for the duration of her slave training. While she is nude, she gets a red ball gag placed forcefully in her mouth. She is then tied to the pole, with her hands over her head and ass facing the tormenter. He starts whipping her hard with a leather whip. The sound of the whip flogging her ass is very high. She is then turned around, still tied with hands over her head, still wearing the red ball gag, and he starts whipping her pussy before moving on to her boobs. She moans and screams every time he hits her. Scene fades out.

New scene. Bobbi Starr is still at the pole. This time facing the pole, hands still tied high, but there a lot more rope now. She is not wearing the nipple clamps anymore, but the men whips her breast with a piece of bamboo. The rope we see is tied around her torso, and holds her to the pole. In front of her body, there is a huge vertical bamboo beam, that is hanging from the ceiling with a rope in each end. I wonder that that will be used for later. Her ass cheeks are spread and her asshole is spanked with the cane. We get a good look at her slave pussy and slave ass. He does that for a while, until her hands are untied. She is forced to spread her ass so the tormenter can cane her right in the asshole. Itīs very painful for her.
He then shows her a selection of black butt plugs and asks her which one she would like to "wear". She is forced to pick a butt plug, and he then puts on a glove and fingers her asshole, preparing it for the butt plug. Bobbi Starr is spreading her ass cheeks as a submissive girl, while he does it. She moans a lot, it looks like it hurts a lot. The butt plugs is the inserted in her ass. He then tied some sturdy rope around her hips and crotch so the plug will stay in place. Its very painful for Bobbi Starr to have the butt plug in her ass.

Bobbi Starr is then released and placed on her knees, the red ball gag is removed and some of the ropes around her legs are removed. The butt plugs in still in her ass. Sitting on the floor, totally naked, her hands are chained to together, and her lower legs are tied to each of her upper legs, making it impossible for her to walk. She made to crawl across the room, to a device, made of wood. She is the blindfolded, while she is sitting on the floor. She is also gagged again, this time with a black ball gag. Her hands are pulled up toward the ceiling, so she is on her knees, and only her knees (because the lower legs is tied to the upper leg). It must be extremely painful, and it does sounds like it. The man spanks her with a heavy cane. Then he pulls out some electricity pads and place them on the inside of her legs, near her pussy. Her attaches them to an electronic device and starts zapping her with electricity. "Do you like that Bobbi Starr?" he asks her."Itīs only at 40%" and then he keeps upping the power. The gag is removed so he can hear her crying. She looks very frightened. The man takes off his pants and puts his dick in her mouth. She is till tied, and blindfolded. He puts the cock all the way down her throat and fuck her until she gags. "What are you he ass her?". "Iīm a good little tramp," she replies as she it taught. He removes the blindfold and her watery eyes and see what is going on. She tied, she suck and suck and gags and gags on the dick.

Bobbi Starr, Day 1 Initial pain assessment and dirty talk.

She is untied so she can use her hands for good hand/blowjob. She man gets it, while he keeps zapping her with the electricity. She keeps sucking, he keeps zapping with one hand, holding her head/hair with the other hand, forcing her head and mouth over his long dick. Crying she takes the come straight in her mouth and is forced to swallow it. "Iīm a good little whore," she whimpers. "Youīre a quick study," he replies. He keeps roughing her up for a little while, just to let her know her place. The black ball gag comes back on, and she is left in the floor, sperm drenched, chained and cold. He decides to wash her, and take out a powerful hose. She is hosed down and crawl across the room, as he keeps pushing her, with the water and hose. The is wet and frozen, tied and humiliated. He find a huge brush, probably used for washing cars and starts washing her down. She tries to get away, but the ropes keeps her from, She tries to scream, but the ball gang keeps her from it. She is untied and then hosed down again. He tells her to open her legs and put her hands in her head, as he focuses the water beam in her pussy. Scene fades out.

Next scene: Bobbi Starr is sitting in chair, wearing a black bathrobe. The session is over and she is getting her homework: "Principles of obedience". She has to read that before the next session. She is the ordered to stand up and take of her rope. She is naked underneath, and while she stands there, she is told to get back to her hotel, where there is a video set up. She is ordered to make a video journal for the next day. She says OK as expected. She is ordered to turn around and bend over the chair. Ass exposed, a butt plugs is placed in both her pussy and her ass. She stands up with both plugs in her. The tormenter find a leather belt/leather panties and puts it on her, to keep the plugs in places. The belt is locked with a key. She puts in the rest of her clothes and is told that thereīs a key for the belt in her hotel room, but that she has to get across town to get it. She then leaves the dungeon, with her homework, the obedience manual. Scene fade out.

We see her walk across town, with the plugs inside of her. She is escorted by the unknown blonde we saw first in the day.

Later at night, the tormenter is at the hotel. He locks himself in Bobbi Starrs room and wakes her up. he gets on top of her, and before she is really awake, her puts a hood on her head. As she start crying, he whispers for her to relax which helps a little bit, although she still cries: "Donīt hurt me anymore." He hugs her while she is still wearing the black hood. he tried to calm her down, but eventually he ahs to take the hood off. A production assistant, asks her if she is OK to go on. She says that she can go on, and is then her hands are tied behind her back with ropes. Her feet are also tied, soon she gets into a real hogtie. She doesnīt look very pleased. The production crew haves a discussion about the scene, as Bobbi Starr seems very shaken. The hood freaked her out, but she is coming around and the tormenter starts spanking her ass. "Time to get going," proclaims and turns her on her back, legs still tied. He tits are pulled out of her shirt and her panties are pulled form her crotch. He starts fingering her and then puts her on all four. He takes of his pants, and lift up her head. She is forced to suck his cock, while she is still tied with the ropes. After a while he takes her from behind and the from the front. Having fucked her, he untied her hands and lets her jerk him off. He comes in her mouth. Later she is displayed on the floor, full set of ropes and sperm all over her body. She looks like shes been fucked hard, having that red one on her face. Scene fades out...  

last scene for day 1:  Bobbi Starr and the tormenter is sitting on the bed, she has been cleaned up and untied. Apparently she was very confused throughout the scene but she liked it anyway (as she was supposed to, slave girl).


Some more info about Bobbi Starr: She is 24 years old at about 5 feet, 8 inches. Her star sign is Aries, if anyone cares about that.

If we are to sum up her weaknesses as a slave it would be fear of hoods and small places. She doesnīt like unexpected scenes and uncontrollable setting (what did she expect, she a slave in training). She not very good at verbal communication and doesnīt have much experience with BDSM and bondage. She need more training and understanding of the relationship between master and slave.

Her strengths must be that she like to be whipped and/or caned. Sheīs got a beautiful pussy and a great ass, which can really be stretched. She like to have sex with strange men and black men. She is very good at sucking cock and talented in sex and bondage as well as other things.

She says she is controlling in real life, which probably makes for a good slave and is keen to learn how to be a slave, or at least to understand how someone can become one.

The goals of this session has been to tie her up and see how much pain she can take. Also to see if she can be taught to talk dirty as a relief of pain. These goals were meet on day one. Day 2 will show what else can be done with Bobbi Starr during her slave training. Letīs hope she did her homework, or perhaps lets hope she didnīt because the we can punish her.

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