Jewel Marceau

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Pornstar Jewell Marceau In Bondage

Name: Jewell Marceau
Born: August 7, 1973
Place: USA

a.k.a. Jewel Marceau Porn Star Jewell Marceau is a sleepy-eyed brunette beauty who has steamed a singular trail through the fetish and lesbian hardcore scenes.

Jewell Marceau is a unique kind of porn starlet, a gal whose well-enhanced breasts and nicely curvaceous bod have lit up almost 100 features since her decadent debut. With her mane of wild black hair, her penetratingly sexy stare, and her over-the-top approach to her wanton work, Jewell Marceau has fashioned herself into a fan fave.

Jewell Marceau first got into the skin biz back in 1996, when she started dabbling in fetish and B&D videos. She only popped up in a couple of flicks per year until around mid-1999, when she decided to really go for broke. Ever since, she's been one of the busiest fetish performers on the scene. With starring roles in flicks with titles like 'Enemasters,' 'Bondage Burglar' and 'Lingerie Bondage Boudoir,' Jewell Marceau has staked her claim to being the most explosive fetishist on the scene.

In addition to her non-sex roles in fetish flicks, Jewell Marceau has appeared in a string of lesbian-only performances in mainstream hardcore. Among the best of these is 2002's 'After Hours,' where Jewell Marceau and Nicole Sheridan joined forces for a kinky nurse/patient encounter that left them both breathless. Jewell Marceau's lusty, over-the-top rendezvous with Dayton Rains in 'Delirium' also stands out as a prime example of sheer Sapphic sizzle. In 'Decadent Divas #15,' Jewell Marceau used her fetish-flick background to spice up a bondage-laced girl-girler with lovely Star Chandler.

Jewell has also starred in several steamy scenes with off-screen gal pal Isabella, most notably in 'Sensual Confessions' and 'The Watcher #14.' Jewell Marceau continues to be one of the busiest women in fetish and lesbian video. With her curvaceous good looks and unbridled enthusiasm for her work, she should be a fixture on the scene for years to come.